Allendale Columbia has a wonderful community service program called the Heart, Head, Hand Project. Although I teach at Allendale Columbia, I am not directly involved in this project, other than that I have a 5th grader, the grade in which this wonderful experience takes place.  Students are encouraged to think about an issue that touches their Heart.  Using their Head, they then think of a way that they can help, and finally, the project comes to fruition with their Hands. It’s a wonderful concept, and over the years, I have witnessed students doing outstanding things. This year, my son has been brainstorming ideas for his project. A parent has to be proud when he came up the idea of beginning a letter writing campaign for the children of those deployed in the military.  After some initial research, he contacted a wonderful woman named Theresa, at the National Military Family Association.  She made an outstanding suggestion to send the letters and cards of support along to Operation Purple Camps, where children come together for support and fun over the summer.

As my son gets older, he is beginning to understand the importance and effective of social media to communicate.  He asked that I post this on his behalf.  Thank you for reading.  Below is the letter he drafted to get support for his project.  Who knows how far it will go.

My name is Matthew Duver, and I am a 5th grader at Allendale Columbia School, in Rochester New York. For a class project called Heart, Head, Hand , I was thinking that it would be nice for kids to send letters to kids whose parents are in the military and away from home to show them support. There is a summer camp called Operation Purple where the kids can go to be together for the summer and share what it is like to have their parents be away. I want to send letters to those kids so they can open them over the summer. If you know a kid who would like to join me in my project, they can send cards, letters and coloring they write to me at school, and I will send them to the right place. Or if you know my mom, you can just give it to her.

Matthew Duver
c/o Allendale Columbia School
519 Allens Creek Road
Rochester, New York 14618


About Tina Duver

Tina Duver is the Dean of Middle School Students at Allendale Columbia School in Rochester, New York. She is the 6th and 8th Grade Science Teacher and coach of the First Lego League team and U.S. Department of Energy Science Bowl team.

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  1. jmclinton says:

    Pass the information along to my family on the West Coast who are involved in the military… Lets hope we can get some interested families out there as well!

  2. Awesome idea! A very authentic experience for Matty!

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